917 Hartford Way | Beverly Hills $35,000,000
13727 Mulholland Dr | Beverly Hills $8,950,000
17031 Countess Place | Encino $2,595,000
1714 Stone Canyon Rd | Los Angeles $26,000,000
989 Mesa Verde Road | Pasadena $3,499,000
580 Chautauqua Boulevard | Pacific Palisades $14,985,000
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The John Aaroe Difference

“At John Aaroe Group, our goal is not to be the biggest real estate firm in the market. It’s simply to be the best. When you choose us, you can rely on careful counseling, skillful representation and the utmost respect. Your agent shares our high standards of integrity and personal service, and is backed by an expert management team whose members are equally committed to making sure you achieve your goals.” - John Aaroe
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