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Meredith Schlosser
Beverly Hills Office


Sally Forster Jones Group
Director, Aaroe International Luxury Properties

Meredith's outgoing personality and tireless commitment to excellence allows her to form strong connections with her clients and to quickly identify their needs and goals. Meredith is from Manhattan, New York. Prior to moving to Los Angeles she was selling Real Estate in Manhattan and still currently ... read more »

Meredith's outgoing personality and tireless commitment to excellence allows her to form strong connections with her clients and to quickly identify their needs and goals. Meredith is from Manhattan, New York. Prior to moving to Los Angeles she was selling Real Estate in Manhattan and still currently has her license there as well as in Los Angeles. Coming from a family with an extensive background in Real Estate, she has been surrounded by the industry from a young age and has learned the intricate details that have prepared her for a life-long career.

Meredith is a natural at what she does and her leadership never fails to find her clients a home that is a perfect fit. When sellers hire Meredith they don't just hire an "agent", they hire someone that will be their advocate and fight for them every step of the way to make sure they get the highest price possible. Meredith constantly strives to be better and isn't afraid of going the extra mile.

Having majored in Public Relations at American University, with a minor in literature, Meredith has a strong ability to put issues into perspective and prioritize-skills that have served her well in negotiating for her clients. After making the two most important decisions of her life-purchasing a condominium in Marina Del Rey, California and a condominium on New York's Upper West Side Meredith has come to recognize more than ever the importance of working with someone you believe in and trust (and also enjoy spending time with). Meredith believes that she can be that unique agent for you, and is committed to bringing you to the finish line with your sanity intact.

Meredith enjoys playing tennis, biking, and rollerblading along the beach in her free time. She also loves to travel and has a deep appreciation for great food. Meredith is involved with a number of charities and donates part of each of her commissions to Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation and various animal rescue groups. read less «

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3614 Motor Avenue | Palms - Mar Vista
Sold over asking $7,800,000
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8030 Floral Ave | Sunset Strip - Hollywood Hills
Sold for $7,350,000
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9315 Nightingale Drive | Sunset Strip-Hollywood Hills West
Sold for $6,950,000
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3655 Motor Avenue | Los Angeles
Sold over asking $4,600,000
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654 Erskine Drive | Pacific Palisades
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16341 Meadowridge Road | Encino
Sold over asking $2,200,000
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12755 Bluff Creek Drive #1 | Playa Vista
Sold $2,112,085
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15626 Royal Ridge Road | Sherman Oaks
Sold for $1,950,000
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8020 Floral Avenue | Hollywood Hills
Sold for $1,700,000
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2917 Cardiff Avenue | Beverlywood Vicinty
Sold over asking $1,587,500
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1183 Nelrose Avenue | Venice
Sold for $1,475,000
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2609 S. Canfield Ave. | Beverlywood
Sold over asking $1,379,000
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596 Entrada | Santa Monica
Sold for $1,375,000
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9637 Highridge Drive | Beverly Hills Post Office
Sold for $1,375,000
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7905 & 7940 W Granito Drive | Los Angeles
Last listed at $1,365,000
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7928 & 7932 W Granito Drive | Los Angeles
Sold for $1,315,000
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237 South Berendo Street | Koreatown, Los Angeles
Sold over asking $1,290,000
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6521 West 84th Street | Westchester
Sold for $1,200,000
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425 Marine Street #2 | Santa Monica
Sold over asking $1,175,000
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901 10th Street #110 | Santa Monica
Sold for $1,050,000
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13650 Marina Pointe Dr. | Marina Del Rey
Sold for $1,050,000
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4330 Romero Drive | Tarzana
Sold for $945,000
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3652 Loadstone Drive | Sherman Oaks
Sold for $940,000
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12535 Havelock Avenue | Palms-Mar Vista
Sold for $940,000
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9124 West 24th Street | Beverlywood
Sold over asking $910,000
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9018 Beverlywood | Beverlywood
Sold over asking $902,000
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4700 Park Encino Lane #327 | Encino
Sold over asking $902,000
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9107 Beverlywood Street | Beverlywood
Sold over asking $890,000
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3721 Dixie Canyon | Sherman Oaks
Sold for $870,000


As you know, we had no intention of selling our house when you approached us in October of 2013. When you said that you had a potential buyer for our house and that you could sell it for more than we anticipated was possible, we were skeptical to say the least. However, you delivered. You were responsive, proactive and always available to us throughout the process, even while you were away on vacation over the holidays. Your team was also very responsive and professional. After our house was in escrow, you helped us lease a new home (which was not easy) and move up our closing date to minimize the overlap between the home we are selling and the new home we are leasing. Congratulations on setting the bar for sale price per square foot in our area. We would highly recommend you and your team to others and wish you much success in 2014.
- Jason & Lisa Boswell
I want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication over the past months in helping me find my ideal first home in Marina Del Rey. It was a real pleasure working with you and the knowledge of the area you have as a local proved invaluable as I planned my relocation from Santa Barbara. It was a difficult time to be looking for a home as prices were increasing and attractive properties were being snapped up. However, you helped me to stay the course and kept a steady flow of available properties in front of me while providing great advice – enabling me to secure the right property for the right price. I would highly recommend you to both friends and acquaintances as someone who really stays devoted to the task and has the tenacity to get the job done (no matter how many different potential houses/buyers it takes!). I look forward to staying in touch with you as I prepare to make the big move down to Marina del Rey.
- Rory Macdonald
We closed escrow on Friday, and want you to know how thankful we are for Meredith who did an amazing job in representing us and our interests in this transaction. She was responsive at all hours, and helped us every step of the way. You have a great team! We hope it is many years before we are looking for a broker again, but we look forward to recommending Meredith and the SFJ team to others.
- Sabrina Beldner
Meredith has everything it takes to succeed is this highly competitive industry. A ball-busting New Yorker at heart, she won't stop short of anything to get her clients exactly what they want, when they want it. As someone with high expectations, I am often times dissatisfied with people I hire. But Meredith is the exception. Not only does she work hard, but she works smart. She is fast, efficient, resourceful, and creative. She attacked every single of my crazy demands, and even did so with a smile on her face. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone looking to buy or sell their home, and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future.
- Jessica Lewis
I just heard from Meredith that the second of the two deals she has been working on with my family has now funded and will close tomorrow, on schedule. Given that I made a very strong recommendation that you consider hiring Meredith for your team, it is with great pleasure that I tell you that she continues to be FANTASTIC. Just as she did when Rhonda and I used her to help us get an apartment in New York in 2011, Meredith was the picture of professionalism as she navigated through separate condo purchases for my sons Michael and Gregory. In each instance she communicated with our sons constantly, and always explained what every document meant, while always letting them know what their options were at every step of the transaction. She worked tirelessly with the lenders in each instance, and we were told by the Listing Agents in each instance that she was so very easy to work with that they were almost shocked. At the same time, however, she negotiated strongly to get ours sons the very best deal possible, and in the case of Gregory, convinced the Seller’s Agent that Gregory should be their choice in a “multiple over-asking price offers” scenario. Our family is elated with the results, and without any reservation whatsoever, I can tell you that Meredith is a STAR. As you know we are friends with Meredith through Andrea and Alan Wishnow, but this note to you is strictly business related. Meredith Schlosser is a real pro, and you should feel very fortunate to have her on your team. I imagine that one of your reactions to this note will be to say to yourself “of course she’s great—I demand and expect that of the people on my team”, and I appreciate that thought very much and agree that you don’t get where you have gotten without having high expectations. But however high the expectations, it always feels good to learn that someone on your team has exceeded those expectation. All of this was great for us, for Meredith and for you as well. I think we can all be happy about your decision to hire Meredith.
- Mark Wapnick
I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for helping us sell our home in the Beverly Hills Post Office area and purchase our new home in the Del Rey neighborhood in Los Angeles. Although these transactions were stressful, you remained calmed and dedicated to negotiating the best deal possible under the circumstances. Your patience and tenacity to find us the right home for our family were appreciated. I would recommend you to any buyers or sellers in the Los Angeles area who are looking for a real estate agent to work in their best interest.
- Allison Baird-James, Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller, UCLA Corporate Financial Services
Dear Meredith, We wanted to sincerely thank you for making the sale of our home quick and effortless. Not only did you keep us updated on the progress daily, but you also ensured that there were no problems along the way by proactively completing tasks long before deadlines. Your strategy for pricing and timing the listing was spot-on, helping us to get the right offer, at the right price, at the right time. To say you are thorough in doing your job would be an understatement. Plus, your support team was amazing -- from escrow, to title, to marketing. Everyone was just as professional, responsive, and attentive as you. Working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure, and we would certainly recommend your services to friends and family.
- Don Weiner & Steve Chen
Dear Meredith, Thank you for all your help in selling our home at 9107 Olin St. in Beverlywood. I clearly remember the day I met you, I was outside our home with my two boys and you were door-knocking around the neighborhood meeting people and telling them of your success in the neighborhood. I appreciated your friendly disposition that was paired with your strong work ethic. With our potential job change in the future, meeting you began our process of selling the home. What we didn’t tell you at the time was that my husband and I interviewed two agents after we met you. However, after those interviews with two, prominent agents in our neighborhood, it was your tenacious spirit, personal care and your prompt responses to our calls and emails that really stood out. We wanted someone who would be with us every step of the way, and you absolutely delivered on that. We greatly appreciated all the personal care, even when you were out of the country on vacation, you were getting things ready to go before you came back. Your instincts with regards to pricing and timing of the sale were excellent. We couldn’t believe you got over 125 people into our little home for our first open house. My friends and family were jealous when they thought about the sale of their own homes. There is no doubt in my mind that you are able to get the absolute best price the market has to offer on any home. We may have not been a mulit-million dollar listing, but no one could tell we weren’t with the service that we received. Thank you for handling so many details for us, for caring for every dollar that we spent like it was your money and for the service that we received until the very end. Our only regret is that we can’t use you to purchase our next home because we’ve moved up north. Please thank your entire team, they were all just wonderful to deal with. We wish you the best, Meredith!
- Mark and Julie Chin
Not only did she stick with this choosey (some would say unreasonable!) first time buyer through a long search, I always knew I had a smart and relentless fighter going to battle for me in negotiations. Her knowledge is extensive and she went out of her way to make sure I was educated on every piece of the process. Meredith and Jazmin make an amazing team together and I always felt very taken care of... they were ALWAYS available! Can't say enough good stuff about Meredith. She's the best!
- Nate Hayden
My wife and I recently sold our home that had been in my family for almost 50 years. Our agents, Sally Forster Jones and Meredith Schlosser and their assistant, Jazmin Chaidez went out of their way, from the beginning to establish and communicate a suggested listing price and marketing strategy to us, set out an action timeline detailing key events and then proceeded to meet, and in most cases, exceed every one of those targets. They never over promised. At all times my wife and I knew they were in our corner and had the same goals and interests as us, even when it may have worked to their personal detriment, i.e., for instance, when the offer we ultimately accepted, came in, they were very focused on making sure it was an offer we, alone, were comfortable with. Bottom line, the house went into contract in 3 days at well above asking price. We note that many homes that listed at about the same time as ours are still on the market. We are certain the reason for ours selling when others didn’t is our brokerage team
- John & Rosalina Steiner
Meredith and her team were total rock stars! She wowed us from day one with her knowledge of the area/market, her professionalism, and her overall tenacity. She made the whole listing process as painless as possible. Her marketing strategy proved to be extremely effective. We had lots of foot traffic at our open houses, and we found ourselves with multiple offers almost immediately. Meredith helped us navigate every aspect of our sale from beginning to end and we couldn't have been happier with the results! We definitely recommend her!
- Jami & Jordan Bachrad
Meredith has sold a house and a condo for me. She has vast experience with real estate, and her people skills just couldn't be better! Whether it's a cranky seller or a buyer full of nerves, she knows just what to do to get you what you want. She is a good listener and provides solutions to issues that keep the process moving. She is a caring person, always watching your back. The end result is that she gets you what you want. What more could you ask for?!
- Renee Leff-Kaplan
Once again it's been an amazing experience working with Meredith Schlosser. A BOOM BOOM experience (rare)! From the moment I made my decision to sell with Meredith, it has been a quick and non-stressful transaction. We closed in 21 days. And I got a cash price that was beyond what I was expecting. Very clean! Meredith really has your best interest in mind. She takes it as a personal challenge to do her best. Pride in accomplishment for her clients. She truly wants you to be happy and feel safe through the whole experience. *ability to advise wisely and honestly *find the best strategy to fit your selling need *great communication *coordination with supporting professionals *hands on through the whole process are just some of her skills. She made me do a monkey dance ??! Happy happy. ps thanks to Sally Forster Jones, Jazmin, Harlene Dunn and the other supporting cast.
- Dae Beck