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Donovan Healey
Beverly Hills Office


Director, Aaroe Estates

Donovan Healey, Estates Director of the luxury property division at John Aaroe Group, is a top producing agent who has a firm grip on what is taking shape in the most sought after enclaves of Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, and Malibu offering ... read more »

Donovan Healey, Estates Director of the luxury property division at John Aaroe Group, is a top producing agent who has a firm grip on what is taking shape in the most sought after enclaves of Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, and Malibu offering representation with sophistication, integrity, and enthusiasm. He continues to develop his own proven methods of marketing so he can offer an experience that is quite different from the usual headaches of buying and selling a property.

His passion for homes and architecture have been the driving force behind his array of sales from luxury estate properties to single family residences, modern homes, new construction homes, architectural homes as well as having an eye for land ideal for new development.
Catering to celebrities, producers, business managers, heads of industry, doctors and local families he is intuitive to each individual client’s specialty needs and delivers with VIP service.

Known for his attention to detail, professionalism, and hefty dose of honesty, Donovan has a strong background in business and negotiation techniques giving him the edge to successfully navigate even the most difficult deals. You can breathe easier knowing he’s on your side and will support you through every step of the real estate process.

Sellers appreciate his eye for design and commitment to presenting their property in the best light, while buyers value Donovan’s experience and connections in the Los Angeles market to locate the perfect residence. Donovan is an award-winning agent who lives and breathes real estate and his clients agree that working with him will exceed all of your expectations. read less «

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27724 Pacific Coast Highway | Malibu
Last listed at $21,500,000
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1244 Bel Air Road | Bel-Air
Last listed at $9,100,000
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21332 Pacific Coast Hwy | Malibu
Last listed at $6,400,000
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3431 Coast View Drive | Malibu
Last listed at $4,300,000
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4107 Fulton Avenue | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $3,895,000
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13305 Valley Vista | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $3,400,000
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4727 Balboa Avenue | Encino
Last listed at $2,995,000
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29482 Malibu View Crt | Agoura Hills
Last listed at $2,995,000
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29482 Malibu View Court | Agoura
Last listed at $2,915,000
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3818 Blue Canyon Dr | Studio City
Last listed at $2,850,000
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3915 Hollyline Ave (Land) | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $2,600,000
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3827 Hollyline Ave | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $2,275,000
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12442 Sarah St | Studio City
Last listed at $2,100,000
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2668 Larmar Rd | Outpost Estates
Last listed at $2,075,000
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16743 Ashley Oaks | Encino
Last listed at $1,998,000
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357 30th St | Hermosa Beach
Last listed at $1,800,000
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13451 Rand Dr | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $1,600,000
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6401 Ivarene Ave | Hollywood Hills
Last listed at $1,389,000
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514 Idaho | Santa Monica
Last listed at $1,386,000
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3446 Longridge Ave | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $1,375,000
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4328 Tosca Road | Woodland Hills
last listed at $1,150,000
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3246 Longridge Terr | Sherman Oaks
Last listed at $930,000
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7201 Sycamore Trail | Los Angeles
Last listed at $830,000
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13749 Calvert St | Valley Glen
Last listed at 735,000
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4107 Fulton Avenue | Sherman Oaks


When Brian and I decided to actively look for a new house for our family, in January, we anticipated a long and frustrating road ahead and at least 8 months of looking at dozens of houses. However, our experience was far from that, thanks to you! It was pure luck for us that we met you last year at an open house in Longridge Estates and then several weeks later at a different open house in Encino. At the time, you asked if we would like to work with you to find a home and we said we were not ready to make a move yet. We really appreciate that you respected us and didn’t hound us with phone calls, or push us to view houses. When we were finally ready, we came to you, because we remembered how knowledgeable you were and we liked your friendly approach. We gave you all our requirements for a new home and you listened. You listened really well! You sent us listings and showed us homes that fit most of our criteria. When we asked about houses that we had found online, you quickly followed up with the listing agents and told us whether the houses were as good as they sounded and looked online and if they were worth our time to go see. Once we found the house that we really liked, you diligently facilitated the negotiations with the builder/owner and guided us graciously and carefully throughout the entire process. You arranged for meetings when it was convenient for us and you were present at all times to help us and answer our questions. Now, four months after calling you, Brian, the girls and I are living in a brand new, beautiful home in Studio City, better than anything we could have imagined. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to get us here. We will for sure be recommending you to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell a house. Thank you again. Wishing you continued success and all the best for the future.
- Brian, Marjan, Isabel, Hannah & Yasmin Sagheb
My wife and I lived in The Hollywood Hills and over the years have received dozens of letters from realtors asking if we would be interested in selling our house. They all went in the trash. Donovan wrote a letter that stood out from the rest and he had two buyers interested in our property. So on a lark we called Donovan and he had two buyers that were definitely interested. They both wrote low ball offers and Donovan told us not to take it and he will get this house sold in three months. He took great care in showing our house and delivered on everything he promised. I have sold and bought 5 homes in 3 different states and Donovan Healey is the best and is no BS. He will tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it. Donovan told me how much my house would sell for and three months later it sold for exactly that amount. WE decided to move to Hermosa Beach and took Donovan with us to help find a house. That was not easy. There were no houses on the market. Donovan came down with a map of Hermosa Beach and he said highlight the area you want to live. Not a home for sale in the highlighted area. Hermosa and Manhattan Beach had no inventory. Donovan got us into a rental. He then went house to house in the highlighted area of Hermosa Beach looking for a seller. He found us an incredible house and we absolutely love it. He also got us a great price for a house off market. Even got the seller to sell it for less then what he originally wanted.
- Brad & Julie Epstein
Michael and I have been working with Donovan for two years, and we could not be more happy with our experience. Donovan is kind, knowledgeable, resourceful and reliable. Michael and I had very specific desires in mind for our home: we wanted to be in Studio City, south of Ventura, in a home with a large backyard good for entertaining, with a pool, high ceilings, and great views of the valley. Donovan showed us over 50 properties, many of which were pocket listings. He has many connections in the industry and was invaluable not only in helping us find a house we adore, but also in helping us secure a great bank loan and renovate and redesign the house when we were getting ready to move in. Donovan is a consummate professional and he was involved in every step of the process—transactions with the previous owner’s agent (which were not a walk in the park), inspections, and communications with everyone involved in the renovation process. Thanks to Donovan, we have found the house of our dreams.
- Michael & Dana Madievsky
I recently worked with Donovan on newly developed home in Studio City and I have to say that Donovan is very knowledgeable of the market and is one of the most consistent and hard working Real Estate Professionals in the area. He knew what the family he represented wanted and did everything to keep them pleased. The reason I choose Donovan’s offer over other offers is because he was very consistent, hard working and was ready to close without wasting time. I would encourage any buyers/sellers to work with Donovan to find their dream home. We would look really forward to working with Donovan again in the near future!
- Arman Arzuman Union Financial Group President
When we made the decision to sell our condo and purchase a family home, we started visiting open houses in the area to get to know the current market. By chance, we met Donovan at an open house we dropped in at and so glad we did (he was one of the only realtors who actually followed up with us and remembered us personally) - from there on our buying & selling process was seamless. We both work in the luxury retail/customer service industry and it usually takes a lot to impress us. However, we were very impressed with Donovan's diligence, professionalism and commitment from beginning to end. He was attentive, highly responsive, listened to our needs and was well connected and knowledgable in the Sherman Oaks market - exactly what you need in a realtor. During the selling and buying process we had full trust and confidence that Donovan had our best interests as his priority. He was not afraid to tell you the good and the bad, regularly kept us up to date with progress and often had answers to our questions before we had even asked them! Donovan was able to appropriately navigate us to balance the personal, emotional and objective sides of the house selling and buying process. Not only is he efficient and experienced in navigating the real estate processes, he also genuinely cares about his clients and clearly enjoys his job. He regularly went over and beyond to make sure we were happy and that the process was as stress free as possible. An example of this was on our move in day....Upon move in we realized that the gas had been disconnected at the new home. When Donovan called to wish us luck with the move we had casually mentioned this, within 15 minutes Donovan was at the home and personally helping us to work with the gas company to get everything back in working order - an after sale service that he didn't need to do, but did because he genuinely cares. Not only is Donovan a great realtor, he is also a genuine and relatable guy who you will enjoy working with. We would highly recommend Donovan and won't hesitate to use him again in the future.
- Morwenna and Stewart"
I want to express my gratitude for all the hard work Donovan did to sell my house. I had an unusually hard property to sell because it was the largest in a neighborhood of smaller homes. It took an incredibly energized realtor who put in a tremendous effort to sell my house. I originally listed my house with another realtor who had a very difficult time trying to sell and market my home. I was very frustrated and disappointed with his strategy, that got very few results. After meeting Donovan I was convinced that he would sell my home because of his high energy and his love of real estate. Right off the bat he was able to get prospective buyers to look at my house and the marketing and professional photos he had done came out incredible. He worked so hard to show my house and within 6 weeks he had found the buyer. The escrow process was a bit of a challenge but Donovan was always there to push it through. I can't say enough about how great of a realtor he is and I know whoever chooses to hire Donovan to sell their home will not be disappointed.
- Ilene & Jack Dyer