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Catch Google’s WeHo popup before it pops down

The Melrose store will be here until December 31, so you’ve still got tons of time to shop the latest Google gift ideas. (The space alone is worth the visit.)There’s even a setup concierge service for VIPs. We assume you know who you are.

Posted 18 days ago
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Fright 15: LA's scariest haunts

From homegrown spooktaculars to Hollywood-level spine-chillers, LA is crawling with creepy perils this Halloween. Here are some of the best.

Posted 24 days ago
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Giant sphere rises on Miracle Mile

If you’ve passed Wilshire and Fairfax lately, you’ve seen a 130-foot orb emerging behind the Streamline Moderne former May Co. Here’s a closer look at the future home of the theater and observation deck for the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Posted 25 days ago
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Your private Tahitian island paradise

You can’t find a more ravishing spot than Motu Moie, 20 pristine private acres of paradise in French Polynesia’s Society Islands. And now it can be yours for $9,500,000.Motu Moie is all coconut palms, white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters teeming with brilliant sea life, and...

Posted 25 days ago
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LA river makeover could start this month

Get ready for low-tech streaming: the City of LA has approved starting preliminary studies and work on creating a 500-foot terrace on the west bank of the LA River. Early work on connecting the river to LA State Historical Park can also begin.

Posted 27 days ago
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Infinity mirrors: One last (tiny) chance

After 50,000 tickets to The Broad’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors disappeared in hours, the museum added 40,000 more … goneski. Your last hope: a limited number of same-day tickets will be sold daily onsite. First come, first served. Good luck.

Posted 30 days ago
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John Aaroe Group | Pacific Union opening in Highland Park

Highland Park was one of the first of the reemerging areas in Northeast LA, and the LA Times still lists it among the top five hottest metro neighborhoods in the city. Just a few Metro stops from Downtown, it has some of the best nightlife in the area, a creative heart that attracts art lovers,...

Posted 1 month ago
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Songs for the Witch Woman

Artist, performer and occultist Cameron (the only name she used) was a noted figure in LA’s Mid-century counterculture. A rare survey of her visionary mythic/surrealist work opens this month at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Posted 1 month ago
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"Lost LA" returns this month

Historian Nathan Masters’ coproduction with KCETLink, the USC Libraries and the LA as Subject research alliance is back for a second season. With each segment created by a local emerging filmmaker, these are not your father’s documentaries.

Posted 1 month ago