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How much bigger can one Ikea get?

We’ll find out in February when the largest Ikea in the country opens in Burbank. Think twice as large as the previous Burbank store. Think parking for 1,700. Think a trail of breadcrumbs. Or better yet … Sherpas.

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Strong January U.S. Job Gains Continue Expectations for Sustained Economic Growth

Executive Summary: Today’s U.S. Department of Labor report on nonfarm job growth indicates an increase of 227,000 in January. The gain was relatively strong and continues the longest streak of overall job growth on record. Job gains were broad across a number of sectors, including 5,00...

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New impact for The Hammer

Westwood’s Hammer Museum recently announced a remodel and expansion that will take over a neighboring tower to give it an entrance on Wilshire Boulevard. It’ll be up and running well before a Purple Line station opens on the block.

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LA’s most exciting new design proposals

In Los Angeles, plans for new buildings are filed just about every day. While many are pretty predictable, others are standouts. Here are some of the more visionary inspirations on the drawing board now, ready to transform the landscape.

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Does home size top every buyer's wish list? You might be surprised.

In a recent survey, over two thirds of homebuyers said they’d trade a certain amount of living space for desirable amenities. What’s desirable? Here’s a look at the features they wanted most — plus the one amenity that topped the lists of a whopping 75% of Millenial buyers. (Hint: it can’t be fou...

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Inside intel from LA's hiking guru

Casey Schreiner not only heads the #1 hiking site on the West Coast, Modern Hiker, he’s just written a book on day hiking in Los Angeles. We have so many questions. Here are a few of the answers.

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Year of the Rooster ushered in by a dragon

2017 may be the year of the rooster, but in LA, the star of the Lunar New Year celebration is a really lengthy dragon. At the 118th Annual Golden Dragon Parade and Festival in Chinatown on Saturday, February 4, he’ll preside over a dazzling day, from kung fu demos to traditional music. … food tru...

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Build a beautiful bee hotel

Not all bees live in colonies or build hives. Some are solitary workers that nest in tiny places like hollow stems and holes in wood. They don’t make honey, but they’re vital as pollinators. Bee hotels are a great way to attract more of these loners to your garden. And they can be works of art, too.

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The list: 26 most expensive houses for sale in LA

At John Aaroe Group, we represent everything from cozy pied-a-terres and first-time homes to resort properties in Sun Valley and Kau’ai. We also represent an array of spectacular estates. Right now, our name is on five of the 26 most expensive mansions on the market in Los Angeles, just listed by...

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In Place: Toluca Lake

Embraced by Universal City, Studio City, North Hollywood and Burbank, Toluca Lake and its quiet suburban charm have been attracting stars since the movies first started to flourish. It was designed as LA’s first bedroom community in 1923 on the former site of peach, apple and walnut orchards. An...