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Wallace Neff‘s most important client? It wasn’t a star.

In 1927, the architect known as the father of the “California style” that defined Southern California’s Golden Age designed a home for his parents in the heart of Pasadena. The gemlike villa that helped launch his reputation still glows today. See the stunning property video.The Edwin D. Neff H...

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Legendary winemaker Béatrice Cointreau selling noted Malibu vineyard

After devoting her 20th-generation Old World winemaking expertise to making Malibu’s Admirable Family Vineyards a renowned success, legendary winemaker Béatrice Cointreau is selling the property to return to Europe and focus on her just-launched French Champagne.See the property here.Cointreau, w...

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Reinventing the food court

In a few short months, Arcadia’s Westfield Santa Anita has not only debuted two upscale restaurants from mainland China, but added a culinary thrill zone filled with Asian taste sensations, from a lavish raw seafood bar and a famous dumpling house to highly addictive steamed cheesecake. Go … but ...

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Tracking the South Park boom takes a map

And here it is: an overview of all 27 (27!) projects now sprouting in Downtown’s burgeoning South Park neighborhood this minute, from multiple-tower high rises to the historic Morrison Hotel redo. (Don’t even bookmark this page — it’ll be out of date in a matter of weeks.)

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Where Hollywood deals cross the table

It’s been true for decades: In this town, an over-the-tablecloth handshake can be all it takes to get a major project off the ground. The Hollywood Reporter created this rundown of the top 25 places blockbusters get launched over lunch these days. If you’re aiming to seal a power deal, these are ...

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How millenials are re-seeing the kitchen

Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Study had a surprising look at how the newest generation of homeowners is making its mark on the way kitchens look today. From colors and styles to must-have amenities, differences are definitely emerging.

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Aaroe expands reach to UK

Buyers of LA area properties come from everywhere —and the number of overseas clients working with John Aaroe Group has continued to grow. To give them the highest level of service and introduce them most effectively to local sellers, the company has joined with London-based Mayfair International...

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Free concerts on the water

One of the Southland’s most iconic summer music series is Marina del Rey’s Summer Concerts at Burton Chace Park. It’s a blissful chance to take in a serene sunset by the water (on three sides!) and enjoy music under the stars. The season wraps this month with Yo La Tengo, a fully staged opera, an...

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The father of Hollywood... and his Studio City gem

As early as 1911, when the first million dollars’ worth of new homes were going up in Hollywood, Toberman had already found success acquiring failed residential subdivisions and reviving them, showing his homes in a new Cadillac touring car. He predicted Hollywood Boulevard would soon be an enter...

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New! Get reimbursed up to $10K to fix your sidewalk

Great news for LA property owners. Yesterday, the City of LA announced it’s raising the reimbursement cap for sidewalk repairs from $2K (homes) and $4K (businesses) to $10K across the board.You have to apply with the City to participate in the rebate, which is part of the Safe Sidewalks LA progra...